Cash Handling Seminars

About the Cash Handling Seminar
This three-hour program is designed to train government employees and officials in proper cash handling techniques.  Finance officers, treasury officials, city clerks, and cash handlers are encouraged to attend. The Manual serves as a model on which a government can base its own program, with a comprehensive set of cash handling techniques and instructions on how to develop a manual for an individual government. Workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Government Treasurers' Organization of Texas.

Cancellation and Substitution Policy
If you are registered and cannot attend, we encourage you to send a substitute. Refund requests (less a $25 processing fee) will be honored if cancellation is emailed to on or before the deadline date listed below. No refunds for cancellations will be honored after the deadline date, we will mail your manual to you.

Host a Seminar
If you are interested in hosting a Cash Handling Seminar in your area please call or email us to discuss logistics and calendar availability.

CPE Policy
Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion. GTOT does not offer CPE for this seminar.

Among the Topics Covered in the Workshop and Manual

Other Forms of Payments
Daily Cashier Operations
Training Objectives
The Purpose of the City Treasurer’s Office
Introduction to Daily Cashier Operations
Opening Activity/Cash Drawer Setup
Receiving and Receipting City Funds
Your Job as a Cash Handler
Custodial Responsibility of Cash Handlers
Federal Cash Handling Regulations
Steps to Receive Currency and Coins
Security Procedures/Loss prevention
Making Change
Introduction to Security Procedures
Strapping and Bundling Currency
Types of Checks

Parts of a check
Check Negotiability
Federal Reserve System
Check Endorsements
U.S. Currency
Identification of Checkwriter
The Federal Reserve System
Closing Activity
Credit Card Transactions
Balancing Cash Drawer
Currency and Check Recognition
Locating Cash Differences
Recognizing Currency
Common Errors
Counting Currency
Reasons for Hard-to-Find Errors
Receiving Monies
Filling Out Deposit Slips

Counting Coins
Handling Mutilated Currency
Rules for Redemption of Mutilated Currency
Procedures to Follow During a Robbery
Counterfeit Currency
Procedures to Follow After a Robbery
Raised Notes
Fire/Bomb Threat
Checks and Check Cashing
Emergency Procedures
Check Fraud
Sample Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet
Credit/Debit/Charge Cards
Currency Handling Exercise

If paying by credit card: payment must be made at time of registration. We cannot enter payment information on behalf of the participant or accept payment at training locations.