GTOT offers two types of membership. Public Sector Members are Treasurers or em­ployees of public entities, such as cities, counties, state agencies, institutions of higher education, school districts, or spe­cial districts. Private Sector Members repre­sent firms that interface with the office of Treasurer of said public entities. Both types are individual, annual, 12 month mem­ber­ships (the membership year is March 2 to March 1 of the following year), and are not trans­ferable to another individual. Dues are billed each March.

GTOT’s quarterly publication, The Texas Trading Post, provides members with analysis of current economic trends and in-depth articles on treasury management is­sues. The newsletter includes a forum for exchange of information on technological and financial resources for the government treasurer.

GTOT presents an annual two-and-one-half day semi­nar to provide information on current treasury management topics and assist government investment officers in meeting their training requirements under the Texas Public Funds Investment Act.

In addition to the annual seminar, GTOT sponsors Cash Handling Seminars that provide a comprehensive guide for train­ing government employees in proper cash handling techniques.

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